ManifestSeven Launches Retail Omnichannel “Weden”

LOS ANGELES – ManifestSeven (“M7” and formerly known as MJIC), California’s first integrated omnichannel platform for legal cannabis, today launched its new innovative retail marketplace “Weden,” merging the company’s e-commerce, storefront, delivery and call center services into a singular consumer-facing brand.

Weden will operate as the business-to-consumer division of ManifestSeven, which is continuing to invest in building infrastructure and supply chain solutions for the industry.


The launch of Weden rebrands M7’s recent strategic acquisitions and legacy retail portfolio under one identity, including a 7,200-square-foot flagship dispensary in Santa Ana, California; delivery service M Delivers, which serves more than 30,000 retail customers throughout California; and telephone number 1-800-CANNABIS, connecting customers to M7’s full suite of products and solutions.

“The Weden brand launch for our consumer segment is a significant milestone for M7 as we continue to build a seamless, one-stop-shop retail experience, with a focus on major markets in California,” said Pierre Rouleau, Chief Operating Officer of ManifestSeven. “We’re proudest of what Weden represents as an inclusive experience which promotes community and offers the highest quality products to our customers.”

Weden’s retail footprint will expand even further in the coming weeks, with the imminent launch of delivery operations in Orange County, California.

“Delivery into Orange County gives Weden an enormous strategic advantage in an area where few retail cannabis licenses have been issued,” explains Christine Bordenave, ManifestSeven’s Director of Delivery Operations. “Weden will be able to tap into one of the most affluent markets in the United States, with immediate access to more than two million potential customers, including a diverse baby boomer population and veteran community.”

Weden’s retail gateways can be accessed via and 1-800-CANNABIS.

ManifestSeven (M7), formerly known as MJIC, is the first integrated omnichannel platform for legal cannabis, merging compliant distribution with a retail superhighway. ManifestSeven, based in Commerce, California, services the needs of lawful operators across the supply chain, from the cultivator to the consumer, through an expansive network of seven facilities stretching from the San Francisco Bay Area to San Diego. M7 further augments its business-to-business value proposition with a growing portfolio of owned and operated retail operations located in major metro markets, including brick-and-mortar dispensaries, local on-demand delivery services, e-commerce and subscription offerings.

As further described in M7’s April 10, 2019 press release, ManifestSeven has entered into a merger agreement with, among others, P&P Ventures Inc. (“P&P”), pursuant to which ManifestSeven will complete a reverse-takeover of P&P (the “Proposed Transaction”). Pursuant to the Proposed Transaction, the shares of ManifestSeven Holdings Corp., the resulting issuer of the Proposed Transaction, are expected to be listed on the Canadian Securities Exchange. Closing of the Proposed Transaction is subject to a number of conditions precedent, including regulatory approval.