Wana Brands Brings Innovative, New Wana Quick Fast-Acting Cannabis Gummies to Nevada

Wana Brands Nevada Sunrise

LAS VEGAS — As 2021 winds down, Wana Brands is gearing up, introducing Wana Quick Fast-Acting Gummies to Nevada under a new licensing deal with Crystal Peak-based SRENE. This move comes on the heels of Canopy Growth Corporation’s recent acquisition deal with Wana, marking an incredible end to 2021, and sets the stage for Wana’s future market expansion to Puerto Rico, Arkansas and New Mexico in 2022.

“Nevada is a place where people love to celebrate, relax or explore, which makes it a natural for the go-anywhere, do-anything effects of our popular Fast-Acting Gummies,” said Nancy Whiteman, CEO of Wana Brands. “These gummies deliver Wana’s hallmark amazing natural flavors and textures that consumers know and love, with the added benefit of providing rapid-onset Delta-9-THC effects on par with what consumers expect from smoking cannabis. So as we began looking at expanding our Quick line to Nevada, we knew that we needed a partner who shared our commitment to quality, consistency and innovation. We were happy to find that commitment shared by SRENE.”


SRENE produces exceptional flavorful cannabis products for premium brands using state-of-the-art manufacturing processes. Wana’s partnership with SRENE further boosts the brand’s visibility while building on SRENE’s stellar reputation among Nevada cannabis connoisseurs.

Unlike other gummies available in the state, Wana Quick Fast-Acting Gummies offer Nevada consumers their only opportunity to experience inhaled-cannabis effects in a discrete, convenient and delicious edible. Tourists will appreciate the quick-onset effects, as well as their shorter duration. Effects typically last between 3-4 hours, making for a great time at the casino or a show without the concern of lingering effects. Beginning this month, Nevada residents can look forward to sampling Wana Quick Fast-Acting Gummies in an irresistible collection of happy hour-inspired flavors that are perfectly suited for quickly lifting holiday spirits without the hangover that often comes with alcohol consumption:

  • Nevada Sunrise Sativa: Brighten the day with Wana’s take on the classic Tequila Sunrise. These terpene-enhanced sativa gummies deliver notes of orange with a pop of tart cherry. 100mg THC per package, 10mg THC per piece.
  • Peach Bellini Sativa: The juicy flavor of a sparkling peach Bellini is the star of this gummie, with fast-onset, terpene-enhanced uplifting sativa effects that won’t disappoint. 100 mg THC per package, 10mg THC per piece.
  • Piña Colada Indica: Bring cool island dreams to the holidays with this deeply relaxing blend of coconut and pineapple flavors combined with a terpene-enhanced indica blend. 100mg THC per package, 10mg THC per piece.
  • Limoncello Hybrid: Elevate the New Year’s toast with Wana’s creamy Limoncello hybrid gummies, offering a balanced range of terpene-boosted effects. 100mg THC per package, 10mg THC per piece.
  • Strawberry Margarita 1:1 CBD/THC: Looking for the best of both worlds when it comes to CBD and THC? Wana Quick Fast Acting Strawberry Margarita 1:1 CBD/THC gummies deliver a 1:1 ratio of CBD and hybrid terpene-enhanced THC, with a bright, citrusy strawberry flavor and a pinch of salt. 100mg CBD and 100mg THC per package, 10mg CBD/10mg THC per piece.

Wana Quick Fast-Acting Gummies harness Thermodynamic Individual Molecular Encapsulation (TiME), a new quick-onset technology from Azuca, to deliver an experience similar to smoking cannabis with Delta-9-THC effects hitting within 15 minutes and lasting from two to four hours. This new technology sets Wana Quick Fast-Acting Gummies apart from traditional edibles that convert Delta-9-THC in the digestive tract to 11-Hydroxy-THC, taking up to two hours before effects are felt, with those effects lasting much longer.

In addition to Wana Brands’ launch in Nevada, the brand is laying the groundwork for expansion to medical cannabis markets in Puerto Rico, which serves more than 114,000 patients, and in Arkansas, which serves over 76,000 patients, according to state-provided data gathered by NORML. Wana is also planning to enter New Mexico’s new legal adult-use cannabis marketplace in the first half of 2022.

Wana Brands product availability varies between states, with gummies mindfully developed to fit regional consumer tastes and meet state regulations in each legal market. Across all markets, Wana gummies feature the brand’s proprietary all-natural, gluten-free, vegan recipe using fruit pectin, not gelatin. The gummies also stand apart by what they do not contain: no high-fructose corn syrup, sorbitol or mineral oil here!

For more information or to schedule an interview with Nancy Whiteman, please contact Shawna Seldon McGregor at 917-971-7852 or [email protected].

Wana Brands: Enhance Your Life.

Included in the 2021 Inc. 5000 list at #2,675 and boasting a three-year growth rate of 152%, Wana Brands is the No. 1 edibles brand in North America. Wana leads the industry in quality, consistency and potency, providing a range of different options that enable customers to select the specific cannabis experience they want. Wana products offer diverse product forms, a wide range of CBD/THC ratios, as well as a variety of different dosages, onset times and duration of effects. Wana’s best-selling quick onset products were the first to offer a Delta-9 “smoker’s high” experience in addition to 5-15 minute onset. Wana products are available in 12 US and 9 Canadian markets, with others coming soon. For more information or to subscribe to Wana’s e-newsletter, visit www.wanabrands.com. Follow Wana on Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube. Subscribe to Wana’s Enhance Your Life Podcast.

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