Six 4/20 Products to Help Us through the Pandemic

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We’re in uncharted territory, kids—and one should never make light of something as devastating as this pandemic or the coronavirus that has changed our lives. It goes without saying that there’s nothing funny about COVID-19.

That said, brave souls all over the world are mostly restricted to being indoors, just when the weather is getting to be nice. April, of course, is a special time for cannabis consumers and the industry and, well, it’s been stressful for everyone, everywhere.


On 4/20, be kind; say “thank you” to a front-liner or service provider (like you budtenders out there); smile under your mask at the stranger in the grocery aisle, six feet away from you; #stayhome; and while you’re at home, love the ones you’re with, from a distance, if necessary.

To bolster your spirits, we’ve compiled a list of products—therapeutic and some lighthearted—that may help us all get through to the other side of this.


Dispensaries in several states have been granted “essential” status, allowing them to stay open during the crisis, but chances are, the local smoke shop has not. So, for those that enjoy surprises and the “unboxing” experience, a cannabis accessories subscription box is fun to give and receive. Like Jelly of the Month Club, only for weed; includes “exclusive essentials, glass, apparel, and munchies. Delivered to your door.” A one-month, non-recurring Cannabox is $34.99, at


Everybody’s favorite party card game, Cards Against Humanity, offers a special Weed Pack edition. Wrapped in metallic green foil, the set comes in a handy thirty-card pack, with all kinds of interesting questions and answers about cannabis. Also, sales benefit the Marijuana Policy Project, to whom CAH as donated more than $420,000 so far! Buy a pack for all your employees and then schedule a Zoom happy hour. $5.00 MSRP.


A lot of folks are baking their way through the pandemic or turning to arts and crafts to pass the time; the MB2e MagicalButter Machine Deluxe Set from pioneering home infusion company MagicalButter contains everything these industrious souls need to infuse butter, oils, and other yummy projects with herbals, at home. For cooks, $209.95 MSRP.


From the rich, spring soil of Oregon, MakeAndMary‘s elegant and soothing CBD Wellness Trio is filled with botanicals, terpenes, and full spectrum CBD oil, for an all-around sensory experience. Face & Body Serum provides deep moisture, scented with rose and lavender. The Natural Wonder Magic Wand allows targeting specific areas, infused with 50mg CBD. Recommended for tattoos, bug bites, and minor irritations. The Calm Inhaler contains terpene-rich CBD oil infused into pink “smelling salts.” Perfect for a moment of solitude. $60.00 MSRP.


Uncle Bud’s Hemp Hand Sanitizer is an unscented, vitamin rich, hemp oil-infused hand sanitizer designed to help keep hands nice and clean. Hemp is a natural antibacterial, and this formula contains 70 percent ethyl alcohol, which “kills up to 99.99 percent of many harmful germs and bacteria without drying out your hands.” Demand has been high but expect the next shipment to go on April 20. Buy more than four 8oz bottles and save 20 percent. $9.99 MSRP.


You know what’s bad for your immune system? Stress. Cannabis lifestyle brand Yummi Karma has been making award-winning tinctures for quite awhile, in formulations that contain CBD and THC. High Spirits YK Drops have a 20:1 ratio of CBD to THC, which promotes feelings of well being and balance, without being too sedate. Other formulas available from the YK line promote relaxation and help with sleep. Take care of yourself. California only, at