How Successful Cannabis Entrepreneurs Start Their Day


Wake and bake?

For some hard-working cannabis professionals, that doesn’t happen as often as you’d think. For others, it’s cannabis and cornflakes. We asked some of the industry’s movers and bakers what they do to get a successful day off to a primo start:

entrepenuers, moonman's mistress, Liz RudnerLiz Rudner, Moon Man’s Mistress: “Usually, being a company of two people, I’ve gotten into the habit as soon as I wake up, I check my email and go though my to-do list, while taking a bong hit. Email, to-do list, then bong hit – then coffee, and back to smoking more weed and planning out my day. Especially with my Celiac’s, I have to start my day with cannabis in the mornings or I really kind of can’t get my system moving, because with autoimmune diseases, things get kind of stuck and what cannabis helps with – it helps everything to start flowing. “Because I’m a wellness coach, I tell my clients to do an eight-count breath because it calms the nervous system and clears the mind. I try to do that, but I usually only make it to four or five before I give up.”


Aaron Justis, Buds and Roses, cannabis, entrepreneur, 2017Aaron Justis, Buds & Roses: “I start my typical day either being woke up by my oldest daughter’s alarm clock or my wife telling my youngest daughter to get up for school. Being a retailer means working later at night, so getting up before 7 a.m. rarely happens for me.

“Once I’m up it’s nice to spend time with my family as they get ready and leave for school. Once they are off I will try and meditate for about 15 minutes but sometimes I get caught up on a project and simply do not take the time for myself, even though the benefits of meditation for a businessperson are very beneficial, especially in this industry. At this point I have already checked my emails, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, etc. So now it’s time to play CNN in the background and make some breakfast. I only eat two things for breakfast, either two eggs and two egg whites scrambled w/ steamed spinach and a lil’ peanut butter and almonds, or I eat oatmeal with frozen blueberries, almonds and, of course, HEMPSEED! I also love my coffee. I have a subscription where I get eight ounces of rare coffee shipped to me every couple weeks, it’s a nice way to treat myself; who doesn’t like getting something fun in the mail, right?

“After breakfast, it’s still early and my store does not open for another hour or two. I try to avoid responding to calls or emails at this time and instead go to the gym. This usually only happens two to three days a week, if I’m lucky. I’ll either hit the weights, take a yoga class or some other form of cardio. I will medicate before this either by taking a dab or puffing on a joint of either our in-house Veganic cannabis alone or I’ll add some kief from our flowers to that joint. It is also possible I’ll eat about 10-15mg of an edible as well. This keeps me in the zone – you know what I’m talking about! Once that’s done I’m off to the store for another exciting day doing what I love in beautiful Los Angeles, CA. What a life 🙂 I know it.”

Ata Gonzalez, G farma, 2017, entrepeneurAta Gonzalez, G FarmaBrands: “Cannabis is an exhausting industry at the moment for those involved. A regular week consists of working 18-hour days, seven days a week. If you can squeeze in a two-week vacation annually with the family, you are considered a lucky man. Most times when I get home in the evening, I do not have the energy to reflect and decompress on my day, I just pass out…

“Mornings for me are more of the time where I can decompress. I normally work until 2-3 a.m. and by the time 7 a.m. rolls around my kids start waking up and the house becomes alive. I reach over to my nightstand and grab my iPhone to check all emails that have come in from the time I fell asleep. Once I am done there, I reflect on the prior day’s accomplishments and focus on all the pending things needed to be done today.

“I then usually shave and shower listening to whatever music album or artist inspires me to go to work and accomplish three times as much as the average entrepreneur. I get a tremendous boost and edge from playing my favorite hip hop artist. Most of my favorite records are filled with tremendous inspiration and “the eye of the tiger” type of enthusiasm is behind them. I then get dressed and hit the road and help to continue building G FarmaBrands to maintain being ‘The Leader of the Global Cannabis Revolution.’”

Big Mike, entrepreneur, Advanced Nutrients, mgretailer, 2017Big Mike, Advanced Nutrients: “My day actually starts the night before. Planning for my day the night before helps keep me on track with my goals, and ensures that my actions are aligned with my priorities instead of reacting to the priorities of others.

“I wake up early each morning and take a run on an empty stomach for 30 minutes to get my metabolism going. 
I drink plenty of water and take my vitamins and supplements, and then I eat a healthy, modified Paleo diet (no red meat).

“I read reports, catch up on industry news, and call my company’s key executives to catch up on important business matters. I do all this before most people wake up. It’s a huge productivity booster.”

Nancy Whiteman, entrepreneur, Wana Brands, 2017, ediblesNancy Whiteman, Wana Brands: “The first thing I do in the morning is meditate and then, to undo that, I have a cup of coffee and make a detailed “to do” list! When I get to work, the first thing I do is check the production release schedule and the pending orders.”

2017, incredibles, entrepreneurBob Eschino, Incredibles: “I typically end each day and begin each day with emails. This industry is moving so quickly and we now have international interest, so the emails never stop!!  I do my best to respond to people quickly, because some opportunities need immediate attention.  I will then spend a little time reading articles about the industry. New studies, new regulations, new breakthroughs… A day in the cannabis industry is like a week in other industries!”

Jane Steward, entrepreneur, SC Labs, 2017Jane Stewart, SC Labs: “It definitely depends on the day but I try to start my mornings with a little activity (even if it’s just a 15-minute run,) and then I drink a large glass of water before I consume any coffee or breakfast. I like to listen to Democracy Now while I’m getting ready every morning. Living alone is amazing. I love that I have quiet time each morning to center myself and get in a clear headspace before I head into the hustle and bustle of the lab. I try to be conscious of having gratitude as I move throughout my day and constantly remind myself to take deeper breaths.”

Kyle Kushman, entrepreneur, mg retailer, 2017, retailingKyle Kushman, PureLifeVeganix: “My favorite morning routine I can tell you about is…a leisurely drive in my sports car down Topanga Canyon to where it meets the Pacific Coast Highway… Windows down, stereo playing something I know and I’m singing loudly. Peace, love and Rock and Roll!”

2017, entrepreneurTripp Keber, Dixie Brands: “I wake up religiously at 6:15 a.m. Clear the cobwebs from the night before when I may have been entertaining business associates, as I was last night. I’ve done that my whole adult professional career. Then, I check my smart phone for emails and texts for the next 15 to 30 minutes, to catch up on the workforce. My production team gets to work around 6 a.m. and starts work between 6:15 and 6:30, so, knock on wood, everything goes smoothly and by 7 a.m., I’m done with reviewing the schedule for the day.

“Then I allow myself one luxury. I spend half an hour to 45 minutes with Matt Lauer, and watch The Today Show. “I don’t drink coffee. I’ve never had a sip of it – I describe my body as a temple and then people will say, ‘… a temple of doom.’ But I’ve never gotten into that bad habit of caffeine from coffee. I’m pretty high energy to begin with. Anyway, if I’m feeling extra-glutinous, I might stay there until 7:45, and I’m on to my routine, which will either be go to my trainer or I’ll pop to the gym.

“For seven years, I’ve started my day at 9:30 a.m. – generally, my first meeting is scheduled for 9:30 a.m., whether it’s here in the office or I start on my call list. But between the hours of 6:15 and 9:30, generally, those hours belong to me, and my personal and professional habits, if you will, including a half an hour to 45 minutes with Matt Lauer. My evenings usually go into the late hours – it would be unusual for me to shut it down before 11 o’clock.”

Viyda Schatz, entrepeneur, OG Spaces, 2017Viyda Schatz, OG Spaces: “My days are geared toward productivity. To achieve success, preparation is half the battle. Each night I prioritize and input a to-do list into my calendar for the following day. Up at 6:30 a.m. daily, I never leave the house without water, a cold brew coffee, healthy snacks and a little CBD oil.”